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With years of professional playing and coaching experience, AMP Pro Training has a superior developmental program to meet your baseball needs. Find what is right for you!

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Baseball Training

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Private Training

One-on-one training is the premier way to develop and home your skills. All of our coaches are vetted out and are some of the best in the business. Having played or coached at the highest levels, we will you with a coach that is right for you.

While searching for a coach, you will be able to read bios, coaching specialties, and pricing. We have created a unique platform that allows you to view a coach’s schedule, book, and pay for all private training sessions online. It will even send you reminders the day-of and allow you too communicate directly with the coach. Try it out today!

Our baseball camps are 3-5 day events typically held in the winter and summer months. They are a great way for players to enjoy the game while still being developed. Our camps are strategically organized to keep kids engaged and focused on baseball training activities that will test even the elite.

Our baseball clinics are 2 hour events that go over one or two specialty skills. Getting together and working with other players of similar age and skill set is a great way to develop key competencies within the game. We have numerous types of clinics for different age groups and skills sets. Check them out today to see if one of them fits your needs!

Camps & Clinics

Coaches Training

Our Coaches Training Program, aka Youth League Developmental Program, is the best developmental tool you will find for your league coaches. It is a well organized and comprehensive program that has gotten results at every league that implements it. When you connect some of the best coaches in the USA with youth coaches, good things happen.

If you want to change the culture of your league to one of development, look no further than our program. It is compromised of coaches clinics, individual team practices, and an online training membership for ALL league participants and coaches. If this sounds like something you would like to implement in your league, please contact us!

The Dugout is our online baseball training program for coaches, players, and parents. It is a comprehensive collection of coaching materials and instructional videos expertly put together by professional baseball players and coaches. One can search through specific aspects of the game, or it can take a coach from tee ball to the pros.

Our unique processes and the way we have put it together has made this a must have. All leagues who implement our coaching program receive memberships for all of their participants and coaches. This allows coaches to plan for the season, and also allows parents to develop their kids at home with some of our drills. Check out The Dugout today!

Online Training


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