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A League Wide Approach

Our coaching program includes coaching clinics, team practices, and all inclusive access to our online training program: The Dugout.

Coaches Clinics

Where we go over Repetition, Engagement, & Technique to prepare for the season.

Team Practices

Where we take a more individualized approach, catering to each team.

The Dugout

ALL PARTICIPANTS in the league receive a membership to our training platform.

Individual Practices

Coaches clinics are great, but they can’t compare to our instructors going individual team practices. This by far is the best way for coaches and players to learn. We will take the team through certain drills while explaining them to coaches who are right by the instructors side. Coaches get to see first hand how drills are ran with pace and repetition the AMP way.

But, we don’t just take over a team’s practice. It wouldn’t be right for us to do that as every team and coach is unique. Before each practice we have coaches communicate with us their most dire needs. We make sure that each coach and player leaves the practice both better as a player, coach, and person.

The Dugout

We believe we can take our professional experience and put it into a system to accelerate player/coach development. And we have done just that.


High-quality training videos


Fundamental Overviews & Explanations


Strategy Overviews & Explanations


Coaching Articles


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Kids Trained

Coaches Trained

Hours Of Training

League Partners

Our coaching program has made a difference, just ask our partners!

Keystone Little League

Tampa, FL

Northeast Little League

St. Petersburg, FL

Eastbay Youth Athletics

Apollo Beach, FL

South West Little League

St. Petersburg, FL

Tarpon Springs Little League

Tarpon Springs, FL

Palm Harbor Little League

Palm Harbor, FL

Addison Maruszak

Founder, 7 Year Professional Player

“Some of my greatest baseball memories were when I played youth baseball. Many of my youth coaches played a crucial part in my baseball career. I want to do what I can to positively influence the next generation.’

Addison and his high-class staff of current/ex professionals carry out the intricate developmental program. We train coaches to give their team suitable reps and to engage each youth player while teaching proper techniques. To read more about how we accomplish this, click the button below.

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