How to book a private lesson

Step 1

Choose your instructor and click the BOOK NOW button on the lessons page, or the instructors bio page

Step 2

A service screen will pop up where you can choose the type of instruction desired

Service Option

Step 3

Once a service is chosen, you may now pick the day and time you would wish to have the service completed


Step 4

Once scheduled, you will have to complete your contact info, giving a brief description of what you would like to work on with our instructor

Contact Info


Don’t worry, you will not have to fill this out every time. Our platform recognizes your email address and auto fills the rest of the information

Welcome Back

Step 5

Once filled out, you will be asked to pay for the service through STRIPE’s secure credit card processing platform


Step 6

You will receive confirmation emails, as well as a reminder email 4 hours before the service the day of

Step 7

Enjoy your lesson and hope to see you again!