Chris Schaeffer catching instruction

Chris Schaeffer

AMP Sports:

AMP Skills:

Tampa, FL
St. Petersburg, FL


Career Organizations:
Toronto Blue Jays: ’11-Present
North Carolina State: ’08-’11
University of Florida: ’06-’07

Career Positions:
Catcher & 1B

Years Coaching:
3 years

Years with AMP:
1 years

Career Notables:

  • 2 League Championships with NY Yankees: ’09 ’10
  • ’12 NY Yankees Organizational MVP at SS
  • ’08 NY Penn League All Star – SS
  • ’08 Drafted by the NY Yankees in June ’08
  • ’07 Cape Cod Collegiate Summer League Player: Bourne Braves
  • ’06 Big East Rookie of the Year
  • ’06 Freshmen All American

About Chris


Chris Shaeffer is a baseball instructor for AMP Pro Training. There are not too many people who can teach the skill of catching, but Chris can do it well. One of Chris’ key competencies is his highly effective communication. Some coaches might know what to do, but Chris has a true talent in delivering corrections to the player with results, no matter the age. When you couple his ability to communicate with his knowledge, you get a great coach.

Why do catchers make good coaches and managers? Simple, a catcher has to know the art of pitching better than the pitcher. He needs to know how to communicate with the pitcher (without getting them mad 🙂 ). Some of the best pitching coaches and managers in the game of baseball were catchers. Oh ya, and catchers will have to hit… Do you want a highly effective baseball instructor? Look no further than Chris Schaeffer. He can do it all.