Meet Addison Maruszak

Founder, Baseball Instructor, and Mentor


AMP Pro Training was founded by Addison Maruszak, in Tampa, FL. Addison has dedicated his offseasons to helping kids in their baseball careers ever since he was drafted by the New York Yankees in 2008.  He had always felt he could take his instruction to the next level by helping youth leagues in his area.  In the fall of 2012, his vision became a reality when Keystone Little League (Tampa, FL) brought him in to utilize his program.

Addison has been blessed enough to see the entire league develop for the next 3 years, winning 8 District Championships, 5 State Championships, 1 National Runner-Up, and 1 National Championship. More important than the accolades is the bond that he formed with the players, coaches and parents. Throughout his years at Keystone LL, and with a lot of coaches’ encouragement, he began to spread the program to other leagues with some of the best players, coaches and instructors in baseball. After playing with the Yankees for 7 years, and then spending some time with the Philadelphia Phillies, Addison retired from professional baseball and started to grow and perfect his program.

Addison Maruszak

Founder, 7 Year Professional Player

The AMP Program reaps success, but what sets apart AMP Pro Training from any other training is the bond that is established between the league participants and the AMP Instructor. At AMP, we only hire exemplary individuals that show these young athletes what a real baseball player looks like on and off the field. We want them to know that:

“You must first become a good teammate before you become a winner.”

That lone quality will ALWAYS trump level of baseball skill, and it is something that we stress at every practice.

Developmental Culture

Some of my greatest baseball memories were when I played youth baseball. Many of my youth coaches played a crucial part in my baseball career. I want to do what I can to positively influence the next generation.

Our ultimate goal is to positively change the culture of youth baseball. Creating a Developmental Culture within the league is a difficult feat, but we are always up for the challenge. My mother and father served as positive influences to me, which molded me to who I am today. But, there are another group of people that played just as important of a role, and they were my youth coaches.

My job is to make sure that coaches understand their responsibilities and level of influence. Yes, we will get better baseball-wise, but we have an even greater role in molding high valued human beings. There is nothing I could want more than to use my God given skills to be a light in the world of youth baseball.

-Addison Maruszak

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