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pic001It is our goal to make this platform, The Dugout, the most comprehensive place that you can come to find the highest quality baseball training resources. We believe this can only be achieved by providing more than just training videos and PDF plans, which is where these posts will come in to play to become the glue that holds it all together. Within the posts to come, you will receive information regarding practice plans, objective training, step by step how-to’s, and much more. But the most important aspect is that all of these articles will be written by professional baseball players and coaches, so you can be assured that the information you are getting is consistent and trustworthy.

Here is how it will work:

The posts will be organized into 2 separate categories: FOR ALL & FOR MEMBERS

Our “FOR ALL” articles are viewable by everyone (just like this one). These articles will have basic tips on coaching techniques, drills, strategies, and even information on baseball products.

Our “FOR MEMBERS” articles will only be viewable by current members of The Dugout and will be jammed packed with awesome information. These member only articles will include in-detail processes of drills, strategies, and other important aspects that all youth coaches face. Supplying our coaches with high quality information for specific coaching needs is our main priority.

More about becoming a member of The Dugout:

Our membership plans come in a few different forms, but with all of them you get access to so much more than just these posts. The Dugout plans include access to:

Video Database– Here you will be able to view professionally created videos going over proper mechanics and drills to achieve them.

Team Strategies– Well organized training tools that will show you different strategies such as alignment on cutoffs.

Discounts– Some membership plans, such as the Home Run Membership, will offer discounts on select products such as apparel, training aids, and more!

Along with these posts, The Dugout will constantly be updated with new videos and other forms of coaching material. To help us to make this the best place for a coach, we need to hear from you! If you are looking for more information on something specific, let us know! This will help us to make this platform truly comprehensive by filling the needs of our members.


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